11 – 12 June 2019 | Boston, USA

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Location: All talks will be at the Cabral Auditorium in the John D. O’Bryant building, 1st floor (40 Leon Street)

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Hashtag: #SCP2019

Monday June 10th: Workshop
  • Registration at 1pm -- 2pm
  • Nikolai Slavov: Opening remarks: Welcome to the second single-cell proteomics conference
  • Harrison Specht: Design of single-cell proteomics experiments
  • Edward Emmott: Sample preparation for single-cell MS analysis
  • Coffee Break 4pm -- 4:30pm
  • Gray Huffman: Optimizing LC-MS/MS analysis with DO-MS
  • Sung-Huan Yu: The analysis of single cell proteomics in MaxQuant and Perseus
  • Nikolai Slavov: Data integration and analysis. Standards for benchmarking quantification.
Tuesday June 11th
  • Registration and breakfast at 8:30am -- 9am
  • Nikolai Slavov: High-throughput single-cell proteomics quantifies the emergence of macrophage heterogeneity
  • Ruedi Aebersold: Towards single-cell proteomics: Challenges and possible solutions
  • Coffee Break 10:45 -- 11am
  • Alex Kentsis: Ultrasensitive pathway-scale quantitative functional proteomics using the MSK Quantitative Cell Proteomics Atlas
  • Sue Abbatiello: Development and Evaluation of FAIMS for Digging Deeper into the Human Proteome
  • Lunch and Poster Session 12:30 -- 2pm
  • Sedide Ozturk: High Throughput Single Cell Analysis of Proteins and RNA via Quantum Barcoding
  • Alexander Ivanov: High sensitivity proteomic, phosphoproteomic, and glycomic profiling of limited samples using ultra-low flow separations coupled to mass spectrometry
  • Purushottam Dixit: Maximum Entropy Framework for Inference of Cell Population Heterogeneity in Signaling Networks
  • Ákos Végvári: How Quantitative Is Single Cell Proteomics?
  • Coffee Break 4pm -- 4:30pm
  • Konrad Loehr: Towards quantitative high throughput single cell LA-ICP-TOF-MS
  • Camille Lombard-Banek: Microcapillary Sampling of Cells to Study In-vivo Proteomic Cell-to-Cell Heterogeneity in Embryos
  • Luca Gerosa: Single-cell ERK signaling dynamics drive adaptive drug resistance of BRAF V600E cancers
  • Bogdan Budnik: "SCoPED-MS novel method to detect cell populations based on proteome level changes on single cell level."
  • Dinner for all attendees 6:30 -- 9:30 pm | Alumni Center (building 64)
Wednesday June 12th
  • Registration and breakfast at 8:30am -- 9am
  • Peter Kharchenko: Joint analysis of heterogeneous single-cell dataset collections
  • Savas Tay: Proximity Ligation Sequencing for Single Cell Proteomics
  • Coffee Break 10:45 -- 11am
  • Jürgen Cox: Support for single cell analysis in the MaxQuant and Perseus software platforms
  • Rune Linding: Probability-based detection of phosphoproteomic uncertainty reveals rare signaling events driven by oncogenic kinase gene fusion
  • Lunch and Poster Session 12:30 -- 2pm
  • Yuval Kluger: High dimensional approaches for analyzing single cells datasets
  • Sara Rouhanifard: Building a toolbox of single-cell technologies for nucleic acid detection
  • Albert Chen: DART-ID increases single-cell proteome coverage
  • Coffee Break 4pm -- 4:30pm
  • Evan Macosko: Revealing new cell types and states in the brain with scalable, single-cell genomics
  • All: Breakout discussions 5:30 pm -- 6 pm
  • Summary from the breakout discussions 6 pm -- 6:30 pm
  • Closing remarks