9 – 10 June 2018 | Boston, USA



Location: All talks will be in the Raytheon Amphitheater in the Egan Engineering Research Center (building 60)

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Hashtag: #SCP2018

Saturday June 9th
  • Registration and breakfast at 9am -- 9:30am
  • Nikolai Slavov: "Progress, challenges and standards for single cell proteomics"
  • Ralph Weissleder: "Single cell analysis from a clinical perspective"
  • Steve McCarroll: "Single-cell analysis, brain function, and brain illness"
  • Lunch and Poster Session 12:30 -- 2pm
  • Peter Nemes: "Single-cell Proteomics for Studying Early Patterning of the Embryo and the Nervous System using High-resolution Mass Spectrometr"
  • Ying Zhu: "Single Cell Proteome Mapping of Tissue Heterogeneity Enabled by Microfluidic Nanoliter Sample Processing and Ultrasensitive LC-MS"
  • Christopher Rose: "TOMAHAQ: Multiplexed proteomics utilizing isobaric labels allows sensitive and accurate quantification of low-level peptides in complex mixtures"
  • Coffee Break 4pm -- 4:30pm
  • Alexander Ivanov: "Sample preparation and ultra-low flow separation techniques coupled to mass spectrometry for deep proteomic profiling of limited samples"
  • Roman Zubarev: "Single-Cell Proteomics Assisted by Stochastic Resonance?"
  • Bogdan Budnik: "SCoPE-MS developments and new frontiers"
  • Dinner for all attendees 6:30 -- 9:30 pm | Alumni Center (building 64)
Sunday June 10th
  • Registration and breakfast 9am -- 9:30am
  • John Yates: "The Invention of SEQUEST"
  • Jürgen Cox: "Support for single cell analysis in the MaxQuant and Perseus software platforms"
  • Jeroen Krijgsveld: "Standardized sample preparation for quantity-limited proteomics."
  • Lunch and Poster Session 12:30 -- 2pm
  • Sam Myers: "Low input proteomics enables quantitative analysis of global gene expression and protein abundance in primary murine immune cells"
  • Harrison Specht: "Automated sample preparation for high-throughput single-cell proteomics"
  • Coffee Break 4pm -- 4:30pm
  • Discussion 4:30 pm -- 5:30 pm
  • Closing remarks